Our company is located and operating in Çarşamba, Samsun; in the Black Sea Region and it was activated in 1980 by HACI YILMAZ YILMAZ who is our founder. In 1985 our factory took its place in the market of hazelnut export and it has the capacity of 7000 square metered closed nut cracking plant and 36000 ton unshelled hazelnut production. With the intent of conforming standards and making quality production, in 2004 our company has obtained ISO-EN-9001 certificate of quality. Furthermore, for the purpose of providing certain norms and manufacturing reliable goods, implementation of TS 13001 HACCP standards was started and we were qualified with the ISO-EN-22000 certificate in the year of 2006. Our firm, which has been grounded on the understanding of being honest and reliable, is maintaining growing by following developments in the hazelnut sector.

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